Volunteer of the Week: Joe Schaffernoth

“E-Soccer is the opportunity to help make any child’s day, whether typical or special needs, awesome, and to be able to plant seeds for tomorrow’s leaders and advocates for special needs children.”

– Joe Schaffernoth

Every Saturday morning at E-Soccer in Foster City, you’ll come across the comical view of an ecstatic and lighthearted coach towering above a group of equally excited 5 to 6 year olds. Coach Joe brings a level of joy that is unmatched by his peers. As the kids circle up around their upbeat coach they go over the three rules: respect each other, listen to the coaches, and have fun. Instilling these values in his little athletes makes lasting impact. “The young assistant coaches today, who work with the kids in the San Mateo County E-Soccer group, were some of the first kids I coached back in 2003-2005. The majority of them started in my group during their first years in the program” Coach Joe sees these opportunities as building for the future – creating men and women who are taught respect, compassion and kindness at a young age.

Coach Joe has been a part of the program for 10 years. He first learned about E-Soccer through the Bay Area Christian Church volunteer program. One of his high school mentors who was part of BACC asked him to start coaching while he was a head coach of one of the age groups in the program. His favorite thing about E-Soccer is making kids smile and being able to make their days better. “If I can give them one hour of my life to make a lifetime impact, it’s more than worth it.”