soccer_awardE-Soccer has come a long way since it’s inception in April of 2000. From a handful of kids at a nearby park in Foster City to hundreds of kids participating throughout the Bay Area and around the world!

E-Soccer (Exceptional Children Soccer) is an all-volunteer, inclusive soccer program where typical and special needs children aged 5 and up participate alongside each other in an inclusive environment. We are dedicated to empowering children of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential.

In 2007, E-Soccer founder Russ Ewell was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award as well as a Congressional Citation from US Congressman Tom Lantos in recognition of his positive impact on the youth of the Bay Area community.

In 2008, E-Soccer joined forces with US Soccer Coaching academy to provide high quality soccer skills and drills training and instruction to all our coaches.

E-Soccer’s inclusion methodology promotes leadership as well as social, character, and athletic development for each child in an individualized manner. Children are taught to learn from one another.

Each individual E-Soccer group consists of a head coach, assistant head coach, and a combination of personal or junior coaches as needed. Children are placed in a group according to age, ability, and individual goals in a way to provide optimal group learning and individual participation. It is encouraged that parents take time to get to know the head coach of their child’s group and communicate their child’s needs and goals.

A “Rising Stars” group is available for kids 3 and 4 years old. These children must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian during the one hour duration of the session. So, as a parent you will get in on the fun!

E-Soccer is offered free of charge for all families and operates from private donations. We happily accept monetary and equipment donations at any time. If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so by going to the donations tab on the home page or by contacting your local E-Soccer Coordinator.

We look forward to having you join on the field!

Greg Bodzioch
E-Soccer Director