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Jefferson Award for E-Soccer Founder

“Our program teaches [kids] that it’s a good thing to sacrifice and serve people who don’t have as much as you do or aren’t as blessed as you are in life. What we have in our small community is a generation of kids who are growing up who see no reason why their special-needs friends […]

E-Soccer Highlighted in the Spartan Daily

Just earlier this year, our E-Soccer program was featured in the Spartan Daily, a student run newspaper of San Jose State University. In the article it highlights a SJSU club, SpeakOut, which was founded by students and is in partnership with E-Soccer. Many of the college students in the club volunteer their Saturday mornings for […]

Volunteer of the Week: Joe Schaffernoth

“E-Soccer is the opportunity to help make any child’s day, whether typical or special needs, awesome, and to be able to plant seeds for tomorrow’s leaders and advocates for special needs children.” – Joe Schaffernoth Every Saturday morning at E-Soccer in Foster City, you’ll come across the comical view of an ecstatic and lighthearted coach […]

Bay Area Christian Church Volunteers Make Lasting Impact

With all the great efforts E-Soccer makes in changing the lives of its young athletes through inclusion, it would all be for naught if it were not for the volunteers that come from the Bay Area Christian Church. The countless efforts from the coaches who volunteer week in and week out for the program greatly […]

E-Soccer Joins Forces With US Soccer Coaching

At E-Soccer, we are very excited about our collaboration with US Soccer Coaching in training all our volunteer coaches. On a quarterly basis, we hold training sessions for all our coaches. These training sessions are geared toward instructing our volunteers in 3 areas: How to coach basic soccer skills and drills for kids in an […]